Top Sales Management Advice: It Is Hard To Listen With Your Mouth Open

There is a common misconception that sales managers must be good talkers. Its true that any leadership position requires superb communication skills in which you can clearly articulate your thoughts through the words you use and the way you communicate.

But if you are always talking and never listening, then youre going to have a real hard time leading your sales team”??because you”??ll never know what really matters to them.

Being a great sales manager is more than just knowing to say the right things at the right time. It”??s also knowing when the close your mouth and let the other person do the talking.

Simply put, a top sales manager asks more than tells, listens more than talks.

A top sales manager is first a listener, and then a speaker.

Average sales managers never know when to shut up. They speak their mind bluntly, thinking the best solution to every problem is to rush into it head-on. On the other hand, a top sales manager withholds his, or her, ideas and opinions”?”he or she will say it when the time is ripe. The top sales manager also recognizes that the solution must come from the sales person himself. The top sales manager is simply there to guide, not direct.

How do you do this? Simple. You ask questions that encourage awareness and self-assessment. Listen carefully to your sales reps”?? feedback in order to gain a thorough understanding of their likes and dislikes, their strengths and their weaknesses. This sort of information is your trump card to great sales management.

Lastly a top sales manager isn”??t afraid to ask for feedback on his or her own performance. We are all learning and growing in our respective careers, including you, the sales manager. You are not exempted from having to face your own strengths and weaknesses as a team leader. If you could make the time to listen to the problems of your sales reps, why not go all the way and ask their suggestions for coaching practices and ideas, as well as what they think of your performance as sales manager?

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Sales Management – What Every Sales Manager Out To Know About Lead Generation

There are many ways your staff can add to profits by generating leads but many representatives are so used to running company leads, they walk past opportunities to generate sales. Many ignore management requests to prospect. Getting these extra opportunities is one of the goals of good sales management as these leads cost the company nothing and can add significantly to income.

Each industry and type of selling is different but your staff should be contributing significantly to your profits by generating leads. Here are a few basic techniques that will increase income significantly with proper sales management. Use these simple techniques to focus your staff on creating leads and sales every day.

Calling On Neighbors

One very easy change to your corporate culture that reflects good sales management is making it mandatory to call on neighbors. Every time a member of your team makes a call on a customer, they should call on neighbors. These techniques work in the consumer and in the business world. Everyone and every company has neighbors. Good sales management might require each representative to talk with three neighbors on every visit to a customer. This sales management techniques turns one appointment into possibly three. Set numbers that must be achieved such as one appointment per 10 neighbors called on. This one technique will increase the number of presentations your staff performs each and every week with no cost for advertising. This will only work if the sales manager insists on receiving the three names, addresses and phone numbers called on as part of every visit report and if they keep track of how many appointments are generated from the neighbors contacted.

Reporting Referrals

Referrals aren’t a successful source of leads at many companies because the manager does not make it work. You need to work out a goal for referrals with your staff that they agree to. Then, good management requires that you work with them to develop a smooth script that works and get them to practice it until it becomes second nature. Finally, a good manager will make it part of every sales call to include a list of referrals obtained and to keep track of how many turned into appointments and sales. It is only by keeping track of the numbers, congratulating team members that met or exceeded the goals and assisting those who did not that your goals will be met.

Joining An Executive Club

Another good sales management technique is to require every team member to join and be active in executive clubs such as the Chamber Of Commerce, Business Networks International and others. A good sale manager will work with each team member on how to get names and appointments at meetings. In addition, for this to be effective, the sales manager must keep track of how many contacts were harvested at each meeting and how many contacts and appointments and sales resulted.

Many people feel this is too much work but remember that generating low cost or no cost sales is what makes you valuable to the company. Keeping your staff focused on getting more contacts and sales is indeed the basis of successful sales management.

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Territory Sales Management – Are You Focused On The Wrong Data

In territory sales management, many sales managers are watching the wrong statistic! They try to manage sales and that’s an error when it comes to territory sales management. No one can actually manage sales. What you can manage are the activities that lead to sales. Focusing on measurable activities will keep you sales force active and is the secrets to territory sales management success.

Your sales staff may not want you to focus on activities. Activities are easy to measure and come with no excuses. There is no mystery. They would probably prefer that you focus on sales. Sales are shrouded with mystery, close calls, luck and sales that will definitely happen next week.

Savvy territory sales management stays focused on activities and measures results often. For example, let’s assume you are in charge of territory sales management and instead of focusing on sales, you assign each of you five sales representatives hard numbers to meet or exceed every day. These assigned activity goals could be numbers like 20 contacts, five appointments and one sale each day. When discussing these numbers with your staff, I suggest you get them to give you numbers and make sure that they “buy into” the numbers you agree upon. If they tell you they can do the numbers, it is their number and they should be responsible to meet or exceed it every day.

Once you have the activity goal numbers, don’t worry about sales. Sales will happen naturally if we have the right activities happening. For the individual sales representative, there is now a certain “pressure” to achieve. If quitting times rolls around and they have not met their contact quota, they have a decision to make. They can go home and face their boss tomorrow when he gets their activity report or they can make the contacts. This subtle pressure will encourage your staff to meet their goals.

The effect for the company is multiplied by the number of sales representatives. If you have five territory sales representatives that actually hit their goals, the company now contacts 100 prospects per day and does 25 appointments per day. This level of activity will result in greater sales.

To make this happen, the territory sales manager should get a report at the start of each day from each representative listing their activities from the prior day. These reports should not only contain the results in numbers but the actual contact information for each prospect and each appointment. The territory sales manager can then randomly check on the performance by calling prospects and customers occasionally to be sure the report is accurate and to give good service to the contact. If the salesperson has not met their activity goals, the sales manager should help. They can go over what the sales representative should do differently to succeed today. If necessary, the territory sales manager can travel with the sales representative to show them how to meet or exceed their goals.

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